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Public & Investor Relations Counsel

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F I N A N C I A L    S E R V I C E S

Money Center Banks
  • Bankers Trust Company
  • Citicorp/Citibank
  • Chemical Banking Corporation
  • Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
  • Republic National Bank
  • The Chase Manhattan Bank
  • US Trust Company

Regional Banks

  • Berkshire Hills Bancorp
    Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  • Citibank, New York State, N.A.
    Rochester, New York
  • Hanmi Bank
    Los Angeles, California
  • Long Island Trust Company
    Garden City, New York
  • Northwestern National Bank, N.A.
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Provident National Bank
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Investment Banks

  • Access Securities
    Stamford, Connecticut
  • Boston Private Financial Holdings, Inc.
  • Dain Rauscher
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Friedman Billings Ramsey Group
    Arlington, Virginia
  • Investment Advisers, Inc.
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Kopp Investment Advisors
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Maxcor Financial Group Inc.
    New York and London
  • RFE Investment Partners
    New Canaan,, Connecticut
  • Rockefeller Financial Services
  • Tiger Management
  • Trevor Stewart Burton & Jacobsen
    New York
  • Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe
    New York

Trade Associations

  • American Bankers Association/Trust Division
    Washington, D.C.
  • Check Cashers Association of New York
  • Community Currency Exchange Association of Illinois, Inc.
    Chicago. Illinois
  • National Check Cashers Association
  • The American Stock Exchange
  • The Gold & Silver Institute
    Washington, D.C.

Non-U.S. Banks

  • Asian Oceanic Group
    Hong Kong
  • ASLK-CGER Bank
  • B.A.I.I. Group
  • BAII Banking Corporation
    New York
  • Banco Portugues do Atlantico
  • Bank Julius Baer
  • Credit Lyonnais
  • Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co. USA
    New York

Government Agencies

  • Comptroller of the Currency
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


Super-Regional Banks
  • Merchantile Bank
    St. Louis, Missouri
  • Midlantic National Bank
    Edison, New Jersey
  • NBD Bancorp
    Detroit, Michigan
  • Norwest Corporation
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • PNC Bank Corporation
    Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Riggs National Bank
    Washington D.C.
  • State Street Bank & Trust
    Boston, Massachusetts
  • The Bank of New England
    Boston, Massachusetts

Insurance Companies

  • Allianz Income Management Services
    St. Louis Park, Minnesota
  • Cooper Gay Group
    New York and London
  • CTW Consulting
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Discover Re
    Farmington, Connecticut
  • ITT Life Insurance Corporation
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • John B. Collins Associates
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • LifeUSA Holding Co.
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • MetLife
    New York
  • Mutual of New York
    New York
  • Nippon Life Insurance Company of America
    New York
  • Prudential
    Newark, New Jersey
  • Safeco
    Seattle, Washington
  • St. Paul Re
    New York and London
  • SunAmerica Inc.
    Los Angeles, California
  • The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • The Principal Financial Group
    Des Moines, Iowa
  • The St. Paul Companies
    St. Paul, Minnesota


  • Dime Savings Bank
  • Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
  • First American Bank
  • First Nationwide Bank
  • Greater New York Savings Bank
  • Savings Banks Trust Company
    New York
  • TCF Financial Corporation
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Washington Mutual
    Seattle, Washington


Mutual Funds

  • Fortis Advisers/Fortis Investors
    St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Fundamental Family of Funds
    New York
  • PNC Institutional Funds
    Wilmington, Delaware
  • The Vista Family
    managed by Chase Manhattan

Consumer Finance

  • Accredited Home Lenders
    San Diego, California
  • Advance Mortgage Corporation
    Southfield, Michigan
  • Freddie Mac
  • GrooveCar, Inc.
    Hauppauge, New York
  • Mastercard International
  • Nationwide Financial Services Corporation
    St. Louis, Missouri
  • Sallie Mae
  • The Pay-O-Matic Corp.
    Syosset, New York
  • Tritium Card Services, Inc.
    Uniondale, New York
  • USA Communications
    Greensboro, North Carolina
  • ZStrata, LLC
    Huntington, New York